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Chef Daniel BurkeMy name is Daniel Burke and I am a Certified Graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. I am a professional chef with several years of kitchen management experience. I hold a ServeSafe Food Manager's license, and am a member of the American Culinary Federation, as well as the Confrerie de la Chaine de Rotisseurs.

Have Knives Will Travel was a GREAT experience for us. Dan came in and immediately filled the place with good vibes and even better smells! He is very easy to work with and his menu is ALL encompassing... He is extremely ambidextrous in any venue, any event or any meal.
--Brandon Wood

I have always enjoyed the teaching aspect of my profession as well as the smiles and satisfaction that I see on the faces of my patrons. For these reasons I started my own business. It is a great feeling to cook for someone in their home where they are most comfortable and relaxed.

International travel, history, and learning are my three great passions in life. These passions coincide in the art of cooking. I have practical and formal knowledge of the cuisines of several countries and regions of the United States. It has been my great honor to learn from, and work with, some of the best chefs and wine educators in America. This is an opportunity for me to pass that knowledge on to you.

How It Works
Initial meeting:

We meet at your home for consultation. This is our chance to discuss the type of service desired, as well as any dietary or allergic restrictions. I prefer to do this consultation in person at your home to allow for a tour of your kitchen facilities. This is also a time for us to discuss any issues relating to the cook day or your home. We can also discuss meal storage at this time if required.

Preparation day:

On the day of service I do all of the shopping for you. I will even purchase any items you need past my list (for a small fee). I bring all of the required cookware, utensils, and cleaning supplies. After completion of your meal(s) your kitchen is left clean. If preparing several meals for later consumption I will package and properly store them. You will be left with instructions for heating the food.


I accept personal checks and cash. After agreement on a date and menu, I collect a deposit for groceries. On the day of service the total minus the grocery deposit is due.

All of the food you prepared for our large group was delicious and the "ravings" continue from all of our guest that attended. We will definitely recommend you to all our business associates as well as our close friends. Your professionalism and preparation of the food was outstanding. We hope to see you again at the next event!
--Carrie Garwick
Pricing and Services:
Meal Packages:

Packages are a great way have your kitchen stocked with delicious food and no hassle. Whether you are a single professional or are feeding a family of five. All packages are inclusive from planning to storage and clean-up. These plans include main dishes and two side dishes. They can also be split up into lunch and dinner. Desserts are not included, but if so desired can be added on for an additional charge. We can customize a menu to suit your taste. Call for consultation.


Herbed oven roasted Chicken with Fingerling potatoes and sauteed asparagus.
Tuscan braised Beef Short Ribs with Parmesan Polenta and Kale.
Green Chili Stew with Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread and Adobo Pozole.

Number of meals (four servings with side dishes) Price (sales tax will be applied)

      3     $200 + Groceries*

      4     $250 + Groceries*

      5     $300 + Groceries*

* Prices subject to change based on special requests, packaging requirements, and procurement of specialty items, scheduling issues, etc. Any requests will be discussed and finalized before the day of preparation.

Special Events:

Hosting a dinner party? Having a romantic dinner for an anniversary? Dreading cooking that Holiday meal for your family? Tired and want someone else to prepare dinner for you? Whatever the reason, I can do all the work. I'll even serve you the food and pair it with wines if desired. We can plan a multiple course meal for two and up.
There will be a fee per person based on the menu.

Cooking Classes:

Have a cooking Club? Always wanted to learn how to pan sear? I am happy to demonstrate and explain any cooking questions or interests you might have. This is a great way to entertain friends and learn techniques utilized by professional chefs. Add a few bottles of wine for consumption while learning and you have the makings of a wonderful night in. If desired, I will even create a menu around the class to taste as we learn.
Groceries + an hourly fee based on menu.

Menu or Recipe Creation:

Want to have a professional help plan your holiday menu? Need help creating a recipe for your favorite dish? I will gladly help you plan a menu. I can quantify and type a recipe allowing you to recreate that special dish time and again.
$25.00 per hour for in home consultation and recipe creation.

Grocery Purchasing:

While I am at the store purchasing products for your meals, I will gladly pick up any other items you may require. $15.00 for up to 10 items ($0.50 per item beyond that).

Food and Wine/Beer Pairing:

Beverage pairing with food can elevate a meal to a different level. Selecting the correct wine for a meal can seem daunting if you have little experience with it. It would be my pleasure to pass the wine pairing knowledge I have gained through my education, travel, and experience on to you.


Need a party catered? No problem. There are a few stipulations that apply in Travis County. As a Personal Chef I am allowed to produce food in your home. For any event that requires more prep time beforehand, I can produce food in a professionally certified kitchen. There is also the issue of equipment rental (i.e. Chafing dishes and platters). Therefore additional planning and costs apply. Call for consultation and planning.

Et Cetera:

Need advice on knives or kitchen equipment? Want to sharpen your knives? Call me with questions related to cooking or food. I'll be happy to help.

YOUR MEAL was SO DELICIOUS, because you seasoned & flavored it with the original plan of keeping it light for the ladies --- THANK YOU, SO MUCH!! I now see what I've been missing! There is so much more I can do to flavor/sauce my food without making it fattening. The only danger is that it's SO GOOD, I want three helpings!!
--Frances Johnson

Contact Info:

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